In this project,  I have to spend a day pursuing an object that does not belong to me. Based on my liking, this object may be purchased or found.
I will base a story around my object and create a zine/story book.


This story is about a slot machine and it's lifetime.

I was born in the 1980s, I was owned by a boy called John. I'm his 10 year old birthday present and he really loved me. he asked her mother to give him as much coins as she could, he played with me all day long. I wanted him to smile, so I did whatever I could to make him happy. Every time I ate the coins, my tummy felt extremely sick and got a stomachache. I didn’t tell John to stop playing with me, I let him won and got more coins. I knew he was happy and satisfied, so I didn’t stop him and let him continue. As the time passed by, John grew older and older, he seldom played with me. However, I acted as usual, let him won as many as I could. One thing that I found out is the smile on his face became smaller, he didn’t laugh as the old John, sometimes I felt sad about it. I couldn't control my body and I kept losing, losing and losing… and he never touched me again. One night, he went to his room and started crying and yelling, he lost all his money on gambling, I started to realize that it is because of me, it is all my fault, it is all because I always let him won. He thought winning was easy, I couldn’t comfort him, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t cry. And soon I lost my control of my body as well… and I knew I shouldn’t exist in John’s life or this world. I became useless, and I died.

Behind the scene